The joy of wearing a perfume

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My mother passed on to me the passion for perfumes from a very young age; when I was finally able to perfume myself with branded eau de toilette at 14, I was the happiest. Today I can’t leave my house without a little drop of perfume, and even without leaving my house, putting on perfume is part of my morning and evening beauty ritual; as Marilyn Monroe said, “What I wear the night ? But… N°5 from Chanel, of course! “.

Perfume is a beauty product I couldn’t do without because I find that perfume beautifies a woman, we become attached to a fragrance very quickly, and it’s something that characterizes us, which is part of our character.

Find the perfume that suits us

The joy of wearing a perfume

This is not the easiest thing because, as I said before, perfume determines us and our state of mind; this is why young girls will instead choose floral perfumes, and women in a more mature age choose sophisticated fragrances instead. When it comes to perfumes, I always order the same The little black dress by Guerlain.

Offer perfume


Perfume is my favorite beauty product; I like to give it to my loved ones to share my passion and tastes. It is a very personal and intimate gift because the person it is offered will think of you as soon as she puts it on.

I like choosing a perfume for a friend, for example, because I’m going to try to determine the perfume that best matches her character and state of mind… Moreover, it’s a very nice gift to give to your loved ones because it is one of the most confusing gifts to choose from.

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