Dress for a birthday: which model to choose?


Are you invited to a birthday party? Have you invited all your friends to help you blow out your candles? The party is getting ready, but you must know which outfit to choose. Most often, the dress code is much less formal for a birthday than for a wedding, a gala or any other ceremony. Elegance and relaxation: this is the balance we generally seek for this event. The dress, then, is an excellent solution. But which one to choose?

The classic little black dress

Indeed you have at least one in your closet. The little black dress is the piece to have in your closet, the one you can wear in all circumstances with multiple accessories and clothes. Are you going to a birthday party with friends? Opt for a short, sleeveless dress with a skater cut, and play it down with a denim jacket and sneakers. Are you celebrating your spouse’s birthday? Seduce him with a close-fitting, low-cut black dress whose femininity you will emphasize with a pair of pumps and a coat. Are you celebrating a family birthday? The little black dress with short or long sleeves will also find its place ideally; with a blazer, heels and a cardigan, it will be perfect.

A simple and elegant evening dress

Do you want a simple evening outfit idea for a birthday? Unless you are invited to a prestigious place, avoid the long, shiny gala dress that will make you look like a princess. Instead, favor a casual dress model, especially if you plan to dance the night away. Also, choose a cut that highlights your morphology. The choice of material, colors and patterns must also be on your silhouette and desires. Dresses with large necklines, on the front or in the back, will also look great. Maybe be careful not to upstage the birthday person.

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Feminine dresses at will

Black dresses or evening dresses: do these options not appeal to you? Rest assured. There are so many models of dresses that you will inevitably find a garment that will enchant you. To play the festive card, dare the pink tutu, short and vaporous. White lace dresses are always so trendy, especially for a birthday in the middle of summer. Short and fitted at the waist, Cocktail dresses are also very feminine, especially if you pair them with heeled sandals. For a glamorous style, sheath or pencil dresses will be ideal. And for some time now, fashion has been long. So why not try a long, flowing skirt with ruffles and prints?

Choose a dress according to the event

You will understand, for an event such as a birthday, you will easily find a dress that suits you. Choose it according to your desires and tastes in terms of fashion, the place where the party is held, and the season. Also, consider all your accessories: tights, hat, coat, jacket, scarf, belt, the bag… No question of leaving anything to chance.


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